Below I showcase various samples of work that I've produced over the years.
These are just thumbnail views to give you an clicking to larger view.


Business-To-Business Advertising
Direct advertising targeting companies and business owners. Utilizes a more "business-like" approach to attract the interest of the reader.

Consumer-Directed Advertising
Advertising with a more "consumer-like" slant for products like LifeStyle Condoms, Tetra Fish Care Products, Afrin Nasal Sprays, etc. Involves working with copywriters, directing photoshoots, stock photography and dealing with publications' specs.

Literature directly targeted for either healthcare professionals or patients. I spent 7 years in-house at medical manufacturer, C.R. Bard and an additional 4 years at an agency producing materials for Parke-Davis, Schering-Plough and Merck. (Note: the skin ulcer brochure shown closed in the upper left would open as a "pop-up", shown in the center.)

Brochures for every need! As shown here, for air quality products, Y2K readiness or company communications, involves working with copy and information supplied as well as photography and/or illustrations and print needs .

Domain Associates -
Capabilities Brochure

A 20 page brochure (produced in two-colors with tinted varnish applications) for Domain Associates (a venture capital management company). A pocket on the inside back cover held a separate six-page listing of venture capital companies. Shown here is the cover and a sample page spread.

Embrex Incorporated -
Capabilities Brochure

A twelve page capabilities brochure for Embrex Incorporated. Embrex is a biotechnology company benefiting the poultry industry. Shown here is the front cover and a sample page spread.

Direct Mail
Direct mail items, from simple postcards to more intricate dimensional pieces. The "cornerstone" mailer (shown with the crane illustration in the upper left) came in a two-color envelope. The reader would remove the mailer to see the crane and figures peering over the construction fence. Once opened, the "missing corner" would fold out to represent the "cornerstone" (shown lower right).

Product Release Announcement
This project involved a series of sequential postcards utilizing the "star graphic" from the NaviPlan product logo. The first postcard has the star dropping in from the right edge of the card, dropping down in each successive postcard to end at the new product logo. Shown at upper left is the wrapper for a candybar included with the release of the product.

Company Newsletters
Primarily for corporate accounts, involves working with the copywriter(s) to layout the information in a pleasing and organized manner. In some cases, it also involves following the style guidelines of the corporation itself to maintain branding.

Corporate Publications
More involved and decorative than newsletters, these publications would involve working with copywriters, photographers (some remotely), creating illustrations, etc. to produce a slick, pleasing magazine.

Posters and Large Format
The challenge with posters is to create an eye-catching image with concise information for the reader. It also involves understanding the needs of the vendor producing the poster (ie: proper file creation, resolution, etc.).

Tradeshow Graphics
Similar to the above mentioned Posters and Large Format except now creating images spanning 8 feet or more plus possibly more structural items.

Technical Literature
Technical literature, although not as "dressy" as ads or sell sheets, can be more difficult in the sense of presenting "dry information" in an interesting and smartly organized manner. Such is the case with spec sheets, white papers, etc.

Pocket Folders
You have all the information, now what does it go in? Pocket Folders! From the standard double 4 inch glued pockets to more involved structures with more intricate construction.

Product Kits -
Kits require a number of components to have a cohesive look. This particular kit is comprised of a literature carrier (pocket folder), a training manual and a mini-cd holder.

Logos -
Just a few samples of logos created for various clients.

Variations -
Sometimes there's more than one effective way to present a statement. In this case here, I'm showing multiple interpretations of the client's headline "I have my BS... and my MS... and my PhD... but what I really want is my EMBS!" The selected winner was the blue/green version.

Slim Jims -
The classic sales tool for business...from a simple trifold to multiple pages to ones with little pockets to hold small inserts! Just a few examples here.

The art of putting pen to paper to present an idea or thought never goes out of style. In this day of numerous stock photo and clip art layouts the ability to present an ORIGINAL vision is still important, Here I show a few frames of a storyboard for a proposed TV spot.

Marker Comps
Nobody really does this anymore, but I like to include this to showcase the fact that the creative process does not always start at the mouse but in the mind.

Occasionally I've been called upon to handle some photography duties for some performance events. Having an appreciation behind the camera has had its benefits in design projects as well.